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Spot Reducing Exercises for Problem Areas

Here are some "so called" spot reducing exercises for the evil areas that plague most women. Just remember what I said. These exercises are practically useless without the aforementioned info from here put into practice! So if you haven't read that yet, click on over and read the Spot Reducing Myth page and then come back here for these cool strengthening exercises.

Spot Reducing Exercises for Abs

Let’s start with stomach or ab exercises. Crunches (done right) are great, and another one of my faves is a Swiss Ball Crunch. You see these exercise balls in every gym and on TV all the time. They are also called Stability balls. Click here for play-by-play steps on how to perform these correctly. Or just watch the video below of the Crunch Progression going from regular Crunch to Swiss Ball Crunches and then to Swiss Ball Cable Crunches. 

The most basic ab exercise is, of course, the crunch on the floor without a Swiss ball. If you are a beginner, start with those and work your way up the progression after a few weeks or months. 

Another exercise I love for abs is the Hanging Leg Raise done with ab straps. Below is my Advanced AB Superset Workout YouTube video demonstrating those along with Swiss Ball Cable Crunches. 

These are pretty advanced exercises. Only try them if you are at an intermediate or advanced level. I have several videos at YouTube so please check them out. I have a couple of videos there that are dedicated to ab training. 

Click here to learn more about ab or core training.

Spot Reducing Exercises for Hips & Thighs

Now, how about hips or thigh exercises. Lunges, leg presses, squats, and many floor exercises are great. Be very careful to use good form with these exercises. If you have bad knees you may need to avoid some of them or do a modified version. There is also the inner/outer thigh machine that most gyms have. 

Check out my Intermediate to Advanced Female Lower Body Workout Video below. This workout will whip anyone’s butt into shape!

Another one of my faves is called The Triple Threat. If this is too difficult, you can divide the 3 positions shown in the Triple Threat video up into 3 separate exercises. They are very effective in toning the glutes! Try doing 8-10 reps in each position. 

Spot Reducing Exercises for Triceps

Another problem area that women often ask me about is the triceps or back of the upper arm that continue to wave in the wind long after they’ve stopped waving.

Triceps Pressdowns using a rope or bar as shown below are one of my all-time favorites for arms.

Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions are also awesome! Just be careful not to hit yourself in the head or face with the dumbbells. 

So hopefully those will help get you started! Good luck! 

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