Straightforward Fitness Tells It Like It Is

Aren't you tired of all the conflicting information about how to simply be healthy in today's world of information overload?

Straightforward Fitness is here to give you some clear and honest answers to your most frequently asked fitness questions (Fitness FAQ) about strength training, cardiovascular fitness, proper nutrition, stress relief strategies and all things fitness!

These questions deserve real and valid answers, not some puffed-up hype aimed at selling a useless book, contraption, or pill!

These days it seems that there are as many different "perfect fitness regimes" as there are people asking for them. It's no wonder that so many people give up before they've had a chance to make real changes in their health. 

One day you are told something is healthy and the next you learn it will kill you. The media, infomercials, and "so-called" fitness experts barrage you with the latest contraption, new workout routine, or supplement guaranteed to help you achieve the body of a fitness model in just four minutes a day, or even worse, with no exercise or lifestyle change at all.

!!These ridiculous claims make me sick, and it's high time someone shed some light on the truth!!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just plain frustrated with all the contradictory information, false claims, and latest've come to the right web site. 

The Hype Really Does Stop Here!
You will be happy to know that it doesn't have to be so complicated. In the pages of Straightforward Fitness, I will define each component of fitness and attempt to clear up much of the confusion surrounding the subject of fitness in as simple and succinct fashion as possible.

While it is true that much of the ambiguity and controversy that exists concerning this vast subject matter cannot and should not be pigeonholed as right or wrong, there are some basic facts on which you can and should base your health and fitness plan. 

It is my hope to dispel some of the biggest fitness myths that tend to trip people up and maybe in the process help restore your hope that improvement in your health and fitness really is an attainable goal.

WARNING! Once you realize that it really isn't so complicated, you may also find that you have no more excuses. You may have just found the last stop on your quest for a Straightforward Fitness plan that will actually work for you. For you see, that is my quest. 

Welcome to Straightforward Fitness!