SOUL FOOD—the stuff that feeds our spiritual fitness.

Soul Food is:

The part of life that makes you come alive.

The events of daily life that lift you up and make the mundane bearable...even magical.

The background music that sets the stage for inspiration beyond belief.

The vibe that gives you goosebumps and makes your hair stand on end.

The thing that makes you tear up and shake your head and realize that there is so much more going on than meets the eye.

Soul Food Fiesta

Just what is spiritual fitness? Inner peace. A sense of wellbeing. Happiness. Contentment. Joyfulness. Fulfillment. Without these things a perfect body would be meaningless and complete physical fitness an impossibility.

This is the part of our spirit that makes us want to party in the blissfulness of Being...

Today more than ever, people seem to be more concerned with and aware of how they feel. Not only how they feel physically, but how they feel inside. 

What motivates you? What fulfills you? What is your purpose on this earth?

Physical fitness is only part of the human experience. I believe that we came from spirit and will return to spirit. Our spirit is eternal and is with us forever. As the famous philosopher Peirre Teillhard de Chardin says, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience."


To acknowledge, feed, and nurture our spirit is what makes us feel complete and what makes us grow and evolve into better spiritual and human beings. It is in our nature to want to be in touch with our Source and to fulfill our purpose. It is inherent to want to feel good and be happy. This is, in essence, the true meaning of spiritual fitness.

Through many years of experience, I have learned that happiness isn't a thing to achieve or a place to arrive at in some far-off future. This kind of thinking tends to hold the very contentment we crave at bay, keeping us ever striving for something that always seems elusive and just out of our reach. 

Learning to live in the moment and enjoy the journey is the greatest challenge for most of us. We sort of go through life missing the forest for the trees.

In the wise words of John Lennon: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” 

Happiness is a choice...not a destination.

Soul Food Siesta

This is the part of the website where you can come, kick off your shoes, stop the world—if only for a few minutes—and allow some wisdom passed down from fellow travelers' journeys to feed your soul. A Mindful Meditation, if you will.

Here, I will hook you up with some of the things I think of as “Soul Food.” Things that make me, and, hopefully, you smile. Things like:

and just all that stuff that adds so much joy and meaning to all of our lives. 

If you discover anything through the information or links on this page that makes you smile, touches your heart, or gives you a sense of peace or goodness of any kind, then I know I have accomplished what I set out to do with Soul Food by supplying a little bit of positive energy flow towards your spiritual fitness.



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