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The Now What Fitness Series lays out the foundation of fitness in a concise and simplified manner, making for a collection of books that help the reader truly comprehend how to improve one's health and well-being from A to Z. I've broken fitness down into comprehensive concepts, giving anybody who truly wants to change their health and their lives in profound ways, the step-by-step tools and knowledge to do so. 

All Things Fitness Links

THESE SITES ROCK! Go ahead and bookmark them people. They are the bomb! Just don't forget to come back to me. 

But seriously there is definitely room for all of us quality-oriented peeps who want to put out good info and build integrity-driven web sites that contribute to building a healthier world. 

Thanks to them and to you for being here and doing that. 

Anytime Fitness - Giving you a great way to get to a healthier place, this particular gym is the awesome facility from where I train my clients, as well as where I train myself. It's got everything you need and more to make your fitness goals a reality! Cardio, machines, free weights, classes, and great trainers, If I do say so myself! Come on in and check us out! - Check out some of my workout videos at You Tube! You can even subscribe to them and they will notify you when I post a new one. Did I mention it's free! Enjoy!

AFAA - As the world's largest fitness educator, AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) delivers comprehensive cognitive and practical education for fitness professionals, grounded in industry research, using both traditional and innovative modalities. AFAA upholds Basic Exercise Standards and Guidelines for safe fitness practice.

4Ever Fitness - Training and Exercise Tips. 

Father Fitness - Father Fitness is my personal journey from becoming a first-time Father to regaining my fitness. I'm also a Freeletics ambassador so unleash your potential too.

Full Stride - Full Stride is a running community in the north east of England. We share training and nutrition tips as well as our very own personal running stories.

Shout Fitness - We shout about all things fitness! From training to motivation, Shout Fitness will give you all the information you need to lead a happy and healthy life.

Clinical Psychologist - Dr.Robert Puff is a International Speaker, Holistic Success Expert, Author,Clinical Psychologist successfully helping families, adults, adolescents, and children for over 20 years. - Learn how to lose weight fast with our top fat burning foods and stomach flattening exercises. - Exercise, diet and alternative remedies is the focus of this complete resource for diabetes health. Diabetic product reviews and healthy recipes. - Healthy eating empowers you to get the full benefit of physical fitness. Find out how to fuel your body with the best food possible at GrowingRaw’s healthy eating guide.

Weightlifting Tips Directory -'s Directory of Pros, Weight Training sites, personal trainers, products and equipment sites.

My Personal Trainer School - Personal trainer weight loss experts for men, women, and children...and...the #1 online personal trainer certification resource.

Personal Fitness Trainer Mesa Gilbert - Personal fitness and nutrition specialist in Mesa Gilbert,Arizona.

Extreme Fitness Now - An informational site with exercises, routines, nutrition, and weight loss information. Push your workouts to the next level. Learn about plyometrics, kettlebell, circuit training, bodyweight exercises, and more. 

All About Healthy Food And Food Supplements - Healthy foods and food supplements boosts up energy and imparts confidence to face daily routine with great vigor and vitality. 

Volleyball Training Ground - Your guide to volleyball drills, conditioning, and techniques to enhance your game. These drills and techniques can also assist coaches in having a better prepared team. There is also a free newsletter with the latest techniques and strategies!

freedieting -- the Weight Loss Guide - This site has every tool/calculator known to mankind that could ever be necessary to figure, BMR, RMR, daily caloric needs, estimated THR, etc. And that's just the tip of the ice berg. I LOVE THIS SITE! Great health and fitness resource! - Very cool weight-loss site with tools and calculators for days. The food, calories, and nutrition calculator is absolutely the bomb! I Love this site! 

Activity Calorie Calculator - This is a totally cool calculator that tells you how many calories you burn for a plethora of activities per your body weight! Awesome!! - Supplier of exercise bands and exercise balls, also balance, stretching, and sport-specific equipment. 

Texas Knee Replacement - Texas Orthopedics specialize in orthopaedic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine, arthritis treatment, spine surgery, foot and ankle surgery and adult hip replacement.

ACE - The American Council on Exercise® is a nonprofit organization committed to enriching quality of life through safe and effective exercise and physical activity. As America’s Authority on Fitness, ACE protects all segments of society against ineffective fitness products, programs and trends through its ongoing public education, outreach and research. ACE further protects the public by setting certification and continuing education standards for fitness professionals.

ACT or ACTION Personal Trainer Certification - The World's First Free Personal Trainer Certification. Online Classes and all the Tools to Get Started in Personal Training. - This site is way cool! Check out the GI/GL chart and much, much more! - Everything you need to know about the glycemic index. Check out the FAQ! It is excellent!

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