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Diet and Exercise Tips Interview Question #8

MUSCLE BURNS FAT: Many women I talk to shy away from strength training because they fear they will become too bulky. What can you suggest for these women?

This will not happen!

If I told you muscle burns fat, would that ease your fear a bit? Yes, a lot of women are afraid of weight lifting and strength training. They say, “I don’t want to get big muscles. I don’t want to look like a man.” 

Listen up ladies: You are doing yourself and your health a great disservice by not strength training. This is just an unfounded fear that is not going to happen. You see, the thing that makes a man bulk up with a fraction of the effort it takes a woman to put on muscle size is TESTOSTERONE! 

We don’t have it, girlfriends! Not enough to make us bulk up anyway. I promise, I have tried all my life to get bigger muscles because I am one of those girls who loves a muscular physique on anybody. But I train myself waaaaaaaay harder than I train most of my clients, and I still can’t get big. So trust me on this, you are NOT going to bulk up. No way, no how. 

Now, if my client—male or female—tells me they want to get bigger muscles, then I train them with those goals in mind. It is very difficult for a woman to grow muscle. And it is definitely not going to happen fast. So, you will not begin to strength train and suddenly turn into Arnold with all this embarrassing muscle. 

The bodybuilders that you see that are huge or the female bodybuilders that look like they have superimposed their faces on men’s bodies and they sound like men are possibly supplementing a little suh-mmm/suh-mmm, but you didn’t hear that from me. That’s not to say they don’t work their pattooties off at the gym. They do. They train hard and work out hard, but there is a big possibility they got a little supplemental assistance going on also. 

Hear This: Muscle Burns Fat! 

So have I made my point here? Women who avoid strength training in fear of bulking up really are shooting themselves in the foot again. This is such a frustrating issue.

You need to strength train in order to control your weight and sculpt your body. The more lean muscle mass a body has the higher the metabolism, the more calories you burn even at rest. 

An exercise routine without strength training is missing a major element in weight loss and weight control. This along with cardiovascular exercise and proper nutrition is the exact combination you truly need for a successful and effective health and fitness regimen. 

So, forget the fear and start lifting weights, ladies! You need to strength train. The benefits and reasons to strength train are amazing.  

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