Wow! What a great early spring, eh? I know I am feeling the same exuberance that you are all feeling right now, right? It is just so nice to watch the leaves turn green and the flowers bloom and feel the magic that comes with the season change. It is truly a beautiful thing!

It is totally normal to want to shape up your body along with the season change. Am I right? I mean, along with the season change comes clothing changes. Let's face it...we begin to wear less clothing as the temperatures rise. Don't we naturally want to look better as we bare our skin?

Listen to me, I want you to hear this: I am human also...I know how hard it is to do the things that you need to do to shape up your feel better about how you feel in your own skin. I, along with you, am aging, and it becomes increasingly difficult to make my body measure up to what I want it to look and feel like at any age.

I want you to know that it is a doable thing. You can change your body and then continue to keep it looking better no matter what your age. You can make things happen that actually make you look in the mirror and say, "Hey! You are looking better and better!" Here is the key: It is a continual effort that you must do on a daily basis. You must realize that you have to keep this effort going on a day-to-day commitment.

I have done it myself and you can too! But, it is not without great effort and huge commitment! Not to mention, complete dedication to your goals of a new and improved you! I will help you figure out a new workout and fitness plan that will lead you to the goals that you long for! I just want you to know that you are not alone!

I write books that I hope will direct all of you further on your path to fitness. It is something I feel led to do to help everyone to find their happier selves. I know that you cannot be truly happy unless you like what you see in the mirror and love how you feel in your clothes. I personally believe that this is right up there with spiritual fitness. It all truly ties together. You know...the whole body, mind, spirit thing. I believe we should strive to look and feel as good as we possibly can with what God gave us to work with. We may not all be beauty queens and kings, but we only have one body in this lifetime and we should do all we can to make the most of it.

I do want to clarify one thing. I struggle with issues just as you do. Just because I am a fitness professional does not mean that I don't go through the same challenges that anybody else goes through. I am so far from perfect it isn't funny and anyone who knows me personally can attest to this fact. I make mistakes along with the rest of the breathing human beings on this planet. I suffer the consequences and learn the lessons that come along with the decisions I make, be them painful or joyous.

This morning as I was doing my cardio running along a country road in the beautiful sunshine and feeling blessed to be alive and able to do this against the wishes of my ailing knees, I was hit with the poignant thought that it truly does not matter how often one falls down. What is important is how many times they get back up. Hallelujah for that!

You may wonder what my point is here. I know in the past when I have read things my mentors have written I tend to think of them as being beyond the daily struggles I go through. I guess I just wonder sometimes if anybody who reads my material may think of me as this person who has no battles with weight, self-confidence issues, addictions or obsessions, or any other challenges that can easily be masqueraded behind the facade of a fit-looking body.

WRONG! I go through all of it and I feel your pain! To go into detail would mean writing an entire book on that subject and I may do that someday. But for now just take it from me. I am struggling along with you, and I am learning to deal with my emotional issues as I go, just like you.

The main point I want to make this month is that I am here for you if you want or need me, and I feel your struggles on a personal level more than you may think. You can text, email, or call me anytime. I am reachable at my website through the contact me button. I would love to hear from you. After all, we are all learning together how to deal with our lives as they unfold.

Thanks so much for subscribing to this newsletter and for reading it and for your support. Our relationship is reciprocal as I live and learn from all that happens in my life, just as you live and learn through yours. We are truly in this together, and I empathize with your challenges as I do my own. I promise to hang in there and learn and grow along with you, and I hope that sharing through my writing maybe helps you a smidge. If it does, that is my payback. It is why I continue to do what I do.

I am happy to announce my new website for my books but more importantly and please hear this: My new Blog site! That's right I am finally joining the bloggers of the web world and I will be posting blogs that speak directly from my heart to (hopefully) yours. I look forward to this new outlet to let my inner voice sing. I hope you will join me there. Please head over and sign up for my mailing list so that you can be informed when I post a new blog. I am a believer in less is more so don't worry about being inundated with posts telling you every time I had a snack or a new thought. On the other hand, I hope you find the wait between posts worthwhile as I plan to speak directly from my "writing" soul and I look greatly forward to it. I have already begun the first blog and will be tweaking it and anxiously preparing it for your awesome and loyal eyes.


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This is the part of the newsletter where I picture an exercise and give explicit instructions on its proper execution.

This month's featured exercise is a very intense AB workout. With bathing suit season upon us we are all concerned about that six-pack, right? However, this is an advanced move so just do what you can and be careful! If you are not ready for it yet, keep working and you will be soon enough!

AB superset
Primary Muscle Group Worked:

To see a video of this exercise go to: Killer Core Workout

Preparation: Set up the slings as shown on a high bar. Slip arms into the slings and raise the legs as shown.

Execution: Raise your legs towards your chest as you exhale. Do 10 reps or as many as you can. Then raise your legs from side to side to hit your oblique muscles. From here you will move to the cable machine where you will do cable crunches on the stability ball, first to the front and then side to side for obliques. From here move to the side raises on the stability ball as shown and finish up with hyperextensions for your lower back. Have fun!

TIP: Exhale as you raise your torso up on the hanging leg raises. This is advanced so don't try it if you are completely novice. Definitely not for newbies. If you are new at this you may bend your knees as you raise them.

HEREIN LIES THE CHALLENGE: Go slow. Do Not Rush This. Be patient and keep practicing until you can control your bodies natural move to swing with the moves on the hanging leg raises. You can do it! Just practice and don't give up! Even if you can only do a couple, it's okay! Practice makes perfect!

Okay, peeps! This is the inspirational part of the newsletter known as the "Ponder Pond" where you're welcome to take a swim in the sweet waters of inspiration.

I chose this video because it inspired me to understand that people come and go in our lives for very special reasons, and I hope it speaks to you if you need this right now!

Well, that's about it for this time! I hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter and until the next issue, may the wind be at your back and improved health and vitality your new reality!

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From my heart to your health,

Linda Burke, CPT

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